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Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry encompasses all the procedures undertaken by a dentist in order to enhance the appearance of a patient’s teeth as well as smile. After all, what is the most beautiful thing that a person can adorn? Of course, it is a smile! Nevertheless, there are...

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How to Care for Dentures

Both partial and full dentures need proper care to keep them clean, free of debris and stains, and to keep them looking their best. It’s also important to maintain clean dentures to protect your oral health. Dirty dentures may affect your oral health and your overall...

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Can I Sleep In My Dentures?

New denture wearers present many questions about their new teeth. Some seasoned denture patients still have nagging questions and will refer questions to their prosthodontists or you can access any number of educational sites on the Internet in regards to dentures....

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Can I eat normally with dentures?

Dentures are missing teeth replacement, they are taken out and then replaced on the gum aperture, even though dentures may seem not to be or feel the same as original teeth, however, these dentures very comfortable, provide aesthetics and are custom made to fit an...

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About Denture Repairs

What are Dentures False teeth and dentures are the same they are both prosthetics. They were made to replace missing teeth. The tissue of the oral cavity both the soft and hard are used to support the dentures. Most dentures are removable and you have partial and full...

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