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Our Dental Practice is catching the attention of the news at a national level! We are very grateful to be getting such good press and are working hard to continue to be a leader in our industry. Check out the original content published below, and be sure to check back for more soon.

Top Dentist in Springfield VA Welcomes Patients with COVID-19 Precautions in

Category: Health | Published: October 6, 2020

If you have a dental emergency, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with Nova Dental Center in Springfield, VA. The team takes every precaution to protect their patients, the staff, and the office against the COVID-19 virus.

Top Rated Springfield VA Dentist Dr. Binh Hoang Offers Quality Dental Bridges

Category: Health | Published: August 3, 2020

Nova Dental Center in Springfield, VA, offers some of the best dental bridges in the state. Speak to their team today to schedule an appointment. They will walk you through which treatment options are best to get your smile back

Best Denture Care Center in Springfield VA by Dr. Binh Hoang

Category: Health | Published: May 28, 2020

Find out what type of dentures you need by scheduling a consultation with the team at Nova Dental Center today. The friendly professionals will discuss your options to determine what dentures work best for your budget, teeth, and lifestyle.

Top Rated Root Canal Therapy Offered by Dr. Binh Hoang in Springfield VA

Category: Health | Published: March 28, 2020

Schedule a consultation with the team at the Washington Center for Cosmetic and Family Dentistry. The expert team will go over the patient’s options, explaining each in full, and deciding the best way forward together.

Best Springfield VA Dental Implant Dentist Dr. Binh Hoang Transforms Smiles

Category: Health | Published: February 25, 2020

Nova Dental Center is excited to offer high-quality dental implants to patients with permanent tooth loss. Dental implants are natural-looking permanent teeth that have many benefits.

Dr. Binh Hoang, DDS Provides Professional Tooth Extractions with Gentle Care

Category: Health | Published: January 24, 2020

At Nova Dental Center, Dr. Binh Hoang compassionately listens to each patient’s concerns and answers all their questions so that they are fully prepared before any work begins.

Trusted Cosmetic Dentist in Springfield, VA Offers Customized Dental Crowns

Category: Health | Published: November 13, 2019

At Nova Dental Care, Dr. Bing K. Hoang is transforming how major restorations are done by offering customized dental crowns that strengthen teeth and blend in perfectly with patient’s smiles.

Top Rated Dentist Dr. Hoang Offers Customized Dental Crowns

Category: Health | Published: August 13, 2019

A visit to Nova Dental Center quickly reveals that this is no ordinary dental office. Dr. Hoang provides the opportunity to create a customized restoration that addresses each patient’s unique needs.