Both partial and full dentures need proper care to keep them clean, free of debris and stains, and to keep them looking their best. It’s also important to maintain clean dentures to protect your oral health. Dirty dentures may affect your oral health and your overall health. There are plenty of ways to ensure the best care for your dentures, including the techniques below. Use this information to enjoy your great smile and dentures for a long time to come.

Handle Dentures Carefully

Handle your dentures carefully whenever you must take them out of your mouth. Dentures aren’t toys and must always be handled gently to prevent damage. Stand over a towel when handling the dentures to avoid dropping and breaking them. Even a slight drop may cause extensive damage to your dentures that cost a considerable amount to repair. Keep dentures moist when not wearing them so they don’t lose shape or dry out. Use a denture cleanser and let the denture soak in this water solution when not wearing them.

Never use Toothpaste to Clean Dentures

Toothpaste is used to brush your teeth, but it’s not designed to use on dentures. Toothpaste is abrasive and scratches dentures, causing plaque and food build-up to accumulate in these surfaces that damage the dentures over time. Never use toothpaste to clean your dentures and increase the risk of staining and other types of damage. Numerous denture cleaner alternatives are available to clean them with that will not damage them in any manner. They’re no more expensive than traditional kinds of toothpaste and sold at drugstores and many other retailers.

Brush Dentures Every Day

Brush dentures daily to remove the food and plaque and to prevent stains. Use a denture paste and soft-bristled toothbrush to brush the surface of all the types of dentures. Look for specialty denture cleaners made to clean these teeth to prevent damages. Between meals, rinse dentures with water to remove any stuck-on food or particles and prevent staining concerns.

Dentures must be replaced over time due to changes in the jaw and oral bones and wear and tear of the dentures. However, most denture wearers can expect about eight years of use from their dentures if they’re properly cared for. Use the above information to keep your dentures in the best condition, protecting your smile and oral health, for many years ahead.