New denture wearers present many questions about their new teeth. Some seasoned denture patients still have nagging questions and will refer questions to their prosthodontists or you can access any number of educational sites on the Internet in regards to dentures.

One big question that you may have is if you can safely wear your dentures while asleep. You may enjoy an afternoon nap and leave your dentures in without a problem. However, when you go to bed at night most professionals say that it is best to remove your dentures before going to bed. This is a great time to clean the dentures and put them to soak during hours of sleep. In the morning you are ready to rinse off your dentures and put them in for the day.

According to an educational website for the American College of Prosthodontists, pain and gum discomfort is normal until your gums become healed. It is also normal to leave your dentures in 24 hours the first day.

The normal practice for those wearing dentures during the first 24 hours is to return to the dentist to have them removed and cleaned. During this time your dentist will examine any uncomfortable sore spots on your gums and treat these areas.

Generally, after this first appointment, the dentist gives you instructions on how to remove and clean your dentures at night including putting the dentures in a soaking solution until morning when you rinse them thoroughly and apply them for that day.

Getting used to this practice of cleaning your dentures at night and putting them to soak overnight prolongs the life of your new teeth. The soaking solution helps to remove stains from food and drinks. Soaking helps to eliminate harmful bacteria. Another reason why you should not routinely wear your new dentures at night is that your gums need a rest from the pressure of the dentures allowing the gums to heal and rest.

Typically, you can wear your dentures at night to sleep but any dental professional tells you that it is best to remove your dentures at bedtime, except for that first 24 hours after receiving new dentures.

Dentures are fitted differently now then they were years ago. It is quite normal to have all teeth pulled and new dentures applied the same day. This is the time that new dentures are left in your mouth for the first 24 hours, including while you sleep.

It is quite normal to have problems getting used to your dentures and most patients say that it takes about 30 days to meet specific challenges such as learning to speak and eat once again. Gum sensitivity and soreness is normal and is something that improves with time. Most patients say it takes about 30 days to get used to eating and speaking without pain or discomfort. It is also important to properly care for the dentures.

Never give up wearing your dentures because by not wearing your dentures you may create some compounded problems such as putting extra pressure on your teeth that remain. You can develop TMJ. You can create unnecessary gum disease. You can develop a weakened jawbone. It is better to push through the uncomfortable part of getting used to your dentures than to give up and create more problems if the future.

Everyone is different. You heal differently than other patients. The best you can do is work with your dentist and follow the recommendations specifically given to you. Alert your dentist if you have continued problems after 30 days and work with your professional to resolve these problems, as you will be happier.