Your teeth are there for so much more than just smiling in pictures. They are very important for helping you eat food. Teeth are the first step in digestion; they help you break down food so you can swallow it and digest it. It is no fun to experience dental problems, but sometimes they just happen. Luckily, the majority of teeth problems can be fixed with a simple trip to the dentist. The dentist that normally does these types of procedures is called a “cosmetic dentist.” These dentists can fix a lot of dental problems, here are just a few that they can fix.

Yellowness- Yellow teeth are not very attractive and cause a serious blow to your self-confidence. Luckily, cosmetic dentistry is able to fix them. This is one of the most common things that cosmetic dentistry is known for. Getting a professional whitening will cost about 500 dollars. Sometimes if there is extreme discoloration then they will use a crown instead of trying to bleach them. Something else you can do to get a prettier smile is to get veneers. However, these are very expensive and are sometimes referred to as “Hollywood teeth.” They are really thin custom made shells that go over the front of your teeth. This will give you a stunning smile that you will have to pay a pretty penny for. At 500 to 1,300 dollars per tooth, after you get your whole mouth done it will be costly.

Decaying- If you haven’t been taking good care of your teeth then you are probably experiencing some decaying. This not only looks bad but it can also lead to more serious problems, like losing the tooth entirely. There are a few different things that a cosmetic dentist can do for a decaying tooth. They can do something called “dental bonding,” which is when they put a tooth-colored, putty-like substance of the damaged area and harden it with a UV light. They can also do a crown, this just sets over the damaged tooth to protect it. Another thing they can do for decaying is onlays and inlays. These are just indirect fillings. These are the most expensive at about 650 to 1,200 dollars per treatment.

Missing Teeth- Missing teeth are one of the worst types of dental problems to experience, and can lead to a full mouth reconstruction. It is not only painful but it can also be embarrassing especially if they are your front teeth. For missing teeth, your cosmetic dentist will do dental implants to take care of any missing teeth. They will anchor the false tooth into your jaw bone and once it heals you won’t be able to tell it is fake. This procedure is one of the most expensive procedures overall, costing around 1,250 to 3,000 dollars.