What are Dentures

False teeth and dentures are the same they are both prosthetics. They were made to replace missing teeth. The tissue of the oral cavity both the soft and hard are used to support the dentures. Most dentures are removable and you have partial and full dentures. The designs of dentures do differ. The two main categories of dentures are the mandibular arch and the maxillary arch. The distinction between the two is the placement of the dentures. they can only be placed in the mandibular are the maxillary areas of the teeth. 

When Is It Time For A Dental Repair

If you wear dentures sooner or later they are going to be in need of repair. There is just no way of getting around this. Dentures are made strong and are made to be durable but they are not as strong as dental implants or real teeth. Dentures can be damaged sometimes very easily simply from eating hard candy or maybe accidentally dropping them. But on most occasions when dentures are in need of repair it just comes from normal wear and tear. 

Why You Should Get Your Dentures Repaired

 The reason why people should want to get their dentures repaired is that there are many different issues associated with wearing broken dentures. Broken dentures can cut your gums and cause your mouth to bleed. They can also cause individuals to develop frequent mouth sores as well. If the individual continues to wear broken dentures it can lead to something worse such as mouth sores. 

You Must Care For Your Dentures

Individuals must take care of their dentures if they want to keep them looking clean and free of stains. Dentures give people confidence in life and make them proud of their appearance. An individual should look at buying dentures as an investment. How you look and how you present yourself is very important especially in your dating life and also in your career life as well. So what you get out of the use of dentures you should look at it has a return on investment. Here are some tips on protecting your dentures.  Always rinse your dentures after eating and if you don’t need them anymore remove them from your mouth. Make sure you clean your mouth after you remove the dentures and clean the dentures gently. Brush your dentures daily and always soak them overnight. Always have regular dental check-ups so a dental hygienist can monitor if there loose or some type of damage is occurring. You should always try and avoid things such as bleach, hot water, and anything abrasive. 

Who Should Repair Your Dentures

Individuals should never try and prepare their own dentures because what happens is that they only end up damaging the dentures more. The only individuals who should be repairing your dentures is a dental lab technician or a dentist. When your dentures are prepared by one of the two they are guaranteed to be repaired. The way dentures are repaired usually happens like this the dentist inspects the dentures and then gives the dental lab technician the instructions on what needs to be repaired. Then the dentures are sent to the lab and the dental lab technician does whatever repairs that are ordered by the dentist. 

It is extremely important if you have dentures to take care of them because this prevents them from damaging the dentures and having oral infections. Eating with your dentures will be much easier with the proper repairs. Anyone who purchases dentures should always remember it is an investment and you do not want to damage your investment you want a return. So see your dentist routinely, monitor your mouth on a daily, perform proper denture care to your dentures, and if your dentures do become damaged let them get repaired by a  dentist.