Your teeth are not only important to your overall health but they affect your appearance as well. If you have less than perfect teeth or missing teeth you probably notice that you don’t smile as often as you should and you feel self-conscious whenever you are in a social setting. Your teeth are something that other people will notice about you usually immediately after meeting you so you want to put your best foot forward when it comes to your teeth. If you’re like most people the biggest factor that prevents you from getting your teeth fixed is the cost of cosmetic dentistry. These types of services can be costly but if you know how much it will cost you then you can put together a plan to save money to put down and then finance the remaining balance. Most cosmetic dentists offer several options when it comes to financing your dental work and they have options to fit most budgets and financial situations. Let’s take a deeper look at the different types of dental cosmetic procedures available and the cost associated with each one.

Teeth Whitening

This is probably the cheapest and most simple procedure when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. An in-office professional teeth whitening session will cost anywhere from $200 to $400 dollars and can be done in as little as one hour. There are other whitening procedures that require several whitening sessions that will occur over the course of a month but with either procedure, you can expect to get your teeth four to seven shades whiter.


Crowns, or caps, fit over a tooth that is broken, chipped or severely discolored. When the crown is placed over the tooth it restores the tooth’s functioning ability to chew food and also brings it back to a normal shape and size. The cost per crown can range anywhere from $400 to $1,000 dollars per tooth.


These are custom made, thin pieces of porcelain that are glued or cemented to the front of the tooth. The dentist will shave off a very small amount of enamel before they glue the veneer on. This procedure is one of the pricier procedures and will cost around $1,000 per tooth. Humans have thirty-two teeth in their mouth so this type of cosmetic dentistry can cost around thirty thousand dollars for a full mouth of veneers.

Dental Implants

Although this procedure is very effective and is widely popular there is a significant amount of recovery time with this procedure. Dental implants are titanium replacement roots that are surgically placed into the gum. After they are inserted your gum must heal around the new root and then the fake tooth is screwed into it. This type of procedure can cost on aver about $2,500 dollars.

All of these procedures have been perfected by the dentist and offer patients a wide range of options to fix their broken teeth and make their smile beautiful again. These procedures that were once too costly for the average person are now a more affordable price. With a more affordable price and multiple finance options that weren’t available ten years ago make cosmetic dentistry attainable for more people.