Teeth Cleaning in Springfield

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Facts about Professional Teeth Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning in Springfield, VA

Everyone knows that regular dental visits help keep teeth in excellent condition. One of the most common preventative dental procedures is professional teeth cleaning.

Many patients do best when they have their teeth cleaned twice yearly. Teeth cleaning is not a complicated procedure, but it helps to know why it is so important.

The primary benefit of professional cleaning is the prevention of serious dental problems. When oral health is checked regularly, it is easier to detect potential issues early and take care of them right away.

Steps in Our Professional Teeth Cleaning Procedure

Even though it’s a standard procedure, most people don’t know a great deal about teeth cleaning. In our practice, we believe the more patients understand what’s going to happen in any procedure, the better they feel. Our goal is to help you feel comfortable at all times.

Step 1 – Visual Inspection

All areas of your mouth are inspected using a small mirror. Specifically, we look for:

  • Cavities – A special probe is used to locate soft spots. These are noted so that they can be monitored and taken care of as soon as possible.
  • Evidence of bite problems – Your bite is examined to determine if teeth are lining up correctly. Specifically, we look for damage caused by tooth grinding.
  • Evidence of gum disease – The spaces between your teeth and gums are examined for signs of periodontal disease.
  • Lumps, sores, or patches – These could be evidence of oral cancer. We also look for any areas of tenderness that could indicate a more severe condition.

Step 2 – Scaling


Regular brushing and flossing help eliminate plaque on teeth, but some plaque buildup is unavoidable. When plaque remains on teeth, it hardens into tartar. Tartar is much harder than plaque and can only be removed by scaling.

A small tool called a scaler is used to scrape tartar from the teeth. It makes a scraping sound, but this is nothing to worry about. Tartar is scraped off your teeth and then rinsed out of your mouth.

Step 3 – Scrubbing and Polishing

A small electric brush and abrasive toothpaste are used to scrub and polish the teeth. This removes any leftover bits of plaque and leaves teeth smooth. Smooth teeth attract fewer bacteria and prevent plaque buildup.

Step 4 – Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride helps fight bacteria between cleanings. A mouthpiece is filled with fluoride gel and applied to the teeth for one minute. After that, the mouthpiece is removed, and you rinse.

Regular teeth cleaning is an essential part of long-term oral health. Not only will your teeth look their best, but they will be prepared to resist plaque, tartar buildup, and bacteria. The procedure is simple, has long-term health benefits, and makes you feel great about taking such an essential step in your oral health!

At Nova Dental Center, we strive to provide our patients with the best and most complete dental care.