Springfield VA dentist Dr. Binh Hoang Transforms Smiles with Dental Implants

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Springfield, Virginia February 24, 2020. Nova Dental Center is excited to offer high-quality dental implants to patients with permanent tooth loss. Dental implants are natural-looking permanent teeth that have many benefits over traditional dentures.

In the past, patients with tooth loss due to injury or dental decay have had to use bridges or dentures as a replacement for the missing teeth. While these options may have been the best solution at the time, they have significant disadvantages. Bridges often damage the surrounding teeth and may necessitate further dental care. Dentures can be uncomfortable and frustrating and often don’t look natural.

Dental implants are a permanent solution to tooth loss without tooth damage or pain. The implants are individually crafted and uniquely designed to fit perfectly inside the patient’s mouth. This gives each patient a beautiful, white smile with crowns that can be used just like natural teeth.

Dr. Binh Hoang will first examine the patient to determine if they are the right candidate for implants. The ideal candidate must have healthy gums, an adequate amount of bone density, and no untreated bone or gum diseases.

If Dr. Hoang believes that implants will be successful, he takes an impression of the patient’s teeth and determines the best color and shape for the crowns. This will be sent to an outside lab and custom-made for each patient.

During the procedure, an anesthesiologist administers general anesthesia for the patient’s comfort. Dr. Hoang next places posts inside of the gums. The gum tissue will gradually heal around these posts and make them permanent. A temporary crown may be placed in the mouth to aid in eating and speaking.

When the crowns are complete, the patient will return to Dr. Hoang’s office. He will examine the posts to ensure they are healing correctly. The crowns will then be attached to the posts, creating a permanent, beautiful smile.

Patients report that though complete healing with dental implants takes four to six months, they feel better within days. If bone grafting is necessary, healing may take some additional time.

The cost of implants varies depending on insurance type and coverage. Most implants cost between $1,000 and $2,000. Though implants are more expensive than dentures, implants protect the surrounding tissue and bone and may save the patient from expensive future dental visits. Talk to Dr. Hoang’s office today for more information.

Dr. Binh Hoang grew up in Virginia as a member of a large family where he learned the importance of hard work and initiative. After graduating from dental school, he began his practice in Springfield. Dr. Hoang offers compassionate dental care to families throughout the area. As a lifelong perfectionist, Dr. Hoang prides himself on helping his patients achieve the smile they have always wanted through beautiful and functional dental care.


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