With the right dental care, it is entirely possible for an adult to keep all 32 permanent teeth for a lifetime. However, there are certain circumstances under which the extraction of one or more teeth is necessary. For example, in cases of dental decay, overcrowding, or an accident or injury involving the teeth.

When patients learn that tooth extraction is the recommended course of treatment they often express fear of the process. At Nova Dental Center, Dr. Binh Hoang compassionately listens to each patient’s concerns and answers all their questions so that they are fully prepared before any treatment begins.

Tooth extractions are grouped into three categories: simple extractions, surgical extractions, and wisdom teeth removal. Simple extractions involve teeth that rest completely above the gum line. The procedure is usually straightforward and takes a short amount of time. First, Dr. Hoang applies anesthesia so the patient is comfortable during the process. Next, specialized tools isolate the tooth and create space around it. The tooth is then removed by gently wiggling the tooth from its socket.

Patients with impacted teeth, which are teeth partially covered by the gums, require an impacted extraction. Though slightly more complicated, Dr. Hoang performs impacted extractions similarly to simple extractions. Local anesthesia is first applied to the area. After the patient is anesthetized, a flap is cut into the gums to expose the roots and bone. The tooth is then sectioned and removed, and the flap is closed with sutures.

Wisdom teeth often crowd existing permanent teeth when they erupt. This may cause tooth pain, headaches, and/or eating issues. Wisdom teeth can also be impacted. In that case, sedation is required and referral to an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon. Most patients have all of their wisdom teeth removed in one visit so that healing occurs at one time.

Regardless of the type of extraction a patient has, we provide guidance on how to properly care for the area. This may include applying pressure on the extraction area with gauze, rinsing with salt water, taking medications to reduce pain, and using cold or warm compresses. While complications are rare with extractions for our patients, those who experience severe pain, fever, or bleeding that won’t stop after extraction are urged to contact our office immediately for assistance.

Though no one likes to hear that they must have a tooth extracted, doing so is often the best solution. If you think you need a tooth extracted, call our caring staff today at (703) 270-0994 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hoang.

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Dr. Binh Hoang is a top-rated dentist who serves patients with gentle, compassionate dental care. A long-time resident and proud member of the Springfield community, Dr. Hoang has been serving his fellow residents from his private practice for 15 years. Dr. Hoang takes pride in each patient’s smile, knowing that a healthy smile plays a major role in the health and confidence of his patients.

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