Dentist Dr. Hoang Bing Welcomes Patients with COVID-19 Precautions in Springfield VA

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Nova Dental Center prioritizes patient and employee safety, and the team goes to great lengths to ensure that patients feel safe and protected.

Nova Dental Center takes the COVID-19 pandemic seriously and asks for patients to bear with the team as they enforce many stringent sanitization protocols.

Nova Dental Center recognizes these changes may cause some inconvenience, but the staff and management would rather their patients and employees be safe than fall ill.

Before Appointments

An employee will contact each patient on the day before their appointment. They’ll ask questions about the patient’s health as part of the pre-screening procedure. Employees will forward any documents required for the appointment by email, and patients can complete the documentation online prior to their appointment.

The dentist is only seeing one patient at a time to reduce interactions. The staff asks all visitors to be patient as they sterilize the rooms after each appointment.

The sanitization procedure includes:

  • The use of hospital-grade disinfectant wipes on all surfaces
  • The use of UV radiation to further sanitize surfaces
  • Aerosolized disinfectants to eliminate any airborne contagions
  • The wiping down of any door handles and other contactable surfaces

The dentist is currently practicing minimal dentistry where possible. They’re informing patients with non-critical or purely cosmetic issues that wait times are longer than usual.

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On the Day of the Appointment

Patients should call or text the practice when they’ve parked their vehicles. Reception requires patients to wait in their cars until they confirm the previous patient has left and that the waiting room’s sanitization process is complete.

An employee will meet the patient at the door to the offices. They’ll complete a pre-screening questionnaire to gauge how the patient feels and will take the patient’s temperature using a contactless thermometer.

The staff member will escort the patient to the waiting room, while another employee ensures that the doctor’s office and chair are adequately cleaned and sanitized. When they’ve completed the sanitization process, the patient is called back to see the dentist.

The staff has also cleared the waiting room of all non-essential items such as magazines and toys to reduce the spread of bacteria through cross-contamination.

Additional Technology to Keep Patients and Employees Safe

  • Molekule Air Purifiers
  • Ozone generator
  • Chairside air suction units
  • UVC lights for second-level sterilization
  • Disinfecting Air Fogger

All employees wear FDA-recommended personal protective equipment when in contact with patients. The PPE includes:

  • N95, K-95, and Level 3 masks
  • Face shields
  • Gowns
  • Gloves
  • Hair coverings

Staff must also answer the pre-screening questionnaire when reporting to work every morning. They have their temperatures taken at the door when arriving for work, getting back from lunch, and leaving in the evening.

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Stay Safe With Nova Dental Center’s COVID-19 Precautions

If you have a dental emergency, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with Nova Dental Center in Springfield, VA. The team takes every precaution to protect their patients, the staff, and the office against the COVID-19 virus.