If you love window shopping while strolling down the streets of an old victorian town, then you will want to see what King Street located in Alexandria Virginia has to offer. You will find yourself transported to a different era with the many glass window fronts that adorn the buildings lining the street. Although the feel of the street is of antiquity, King Street has more than antiques to offer. Additionally, if you are in need of a dentist, Nova Dental Center is just around the corner.

You will find cuisine to suit every taste bud, the largest collection of boutiques, as well as unique items all within minutes from Washington D.C. You will enjoy casually strolling down the Potomac River waterfront while you search out treasures that are not commonly found online or in stores. With such unique collections, everyone will wonder where you discovered such a great find.

There are a few shops for the person who loves to DIY, and they will even help you better your skillset in reference to sewing, painting, and knitting. If you have a love for things that are considered offbeat or quirky, then look no further than King Street. There are many museums that will impress and educate your entire family. If you have kids who love skateboarding, then make sure you let them check out the skateboard shop and museum.

If you are wanting a chic style that turns heads, then everything you seek can be found on King Street. With so many options in reference to cosmetics, stylish clothing, and one of a kind items you will surely find that unique accessory or piece of clothing that allows you to stand out. If you are looking for limited editions or custom designs, then it is pertinent you make your way to King Street sooner than later. You will finally find a place that has everything you need in one central location. Once you visit King Street you will have a hard time shopping anywhere else; especially when you have the chance to take a leisurely stroll along the waterfront while you shop. While gazing at the water, think about checking out Lake Accotik for boating.

King Street is not your typical mall or outlet store shopping experience. If you love strolling down the street and taking your time peering into the windows as you pass by, then King Street is definitely the place for you. Just make sure you come prepared, and wear comfortable shoes so you can take your time exploring this lovely victorian street along the river.