Time to put away those cell phones and computers and truly enjoy life. Don’t let life pass you by. If you are looking for a great place to getaway, look no further than the Lee District Park in Springfield, VA.

This is a huge area with tons to do for those of all ages. You won’t be disappointed if you are ready to visit Springfield, VA.

For the Kids
There is so much to do for the kids it is amazing. Who doesn’t love playing in a treehouse, climbing around and being able to hide then scare someone from up above? This is also a great way to point out some of the wildlife around the area, birds or even squirrels. It’s a great way to add a little education to your exploration. The staff from Nova dental Center loves taking their children here.

Do your children like to hike around and play with rocks and things? A great place to explore is Chessie’s Trail. The kids can play and spin rocks, explore more about nature as well. This area is designed for children of all ages. Heck, even us big kids like to play with rocks.

Okay, so all the playing around is getting everyone sweaty and hot. How about time to cool off. The Harbor is a great place to cool off, with all sorts of spraying animals and buckets that dump water down on to you. The park does recommend that you wear water shoes while in the harbor. So be sure to have some packed up and ready. If you are looking for a little more because your kids can swim like fish, don’t forget to check out the aquatic center. You will need to check for the public swimming hours, this does vary due to the offering of swim classes and such. You can check the website for times when the pool is available to the public.

Enough about the kids, how about what is available for just the adults. How about setting up a date with the wife and having some fun in the great outdoors just for yourselves.

If your children really love the area and want to return, you can check into some of the camping opportunities that are available. There are spring and summer programs available.

Mom And Dad, Here We Go
Being outdoors just gives everyone such a sense of relaxation. Okay, when you do it right. That means get rid of those cell phones. Okay, bring a camera, it may be old school, but hey, you won’t have to worry about a text going off every 30 seconds. Mom and Dad will also love checking out the Huntley Meadows Park.

How about a round of golf. You know you like to picture your boss’s face on that little white ball and smack it across the field, it just let’s all those worries go. Okay, so let’s play nice. If you enjoy golf, there is an excellent golf course available. You will need to check tee times and be aware that there are events that do take place and the course, so double-check the website.

If golf isn’t your cup of tea there are a lot of other adventures that you can have. Check out some of the many hiking trails or bask in the sun with a fishing pool and see if you can catch that almighty big one that everyone says they’ve caught and proved to your friends that you have. You can check park information for when stocking of fish takes place for a better opportunity to catch a few good fish.

There are always tons of events happening at the Lee District Park, check schedules to plan out your trip, this will help keep the entire family busy.