Hiking and Biking The Mount Vernon Trail

If you are an outdoor enthusiast who loves biking or hiking, then you need to make sure you visit the Mount Vernon Trail in Springfield Virginia. This 17-mile trail was officially opened to the public in 1972, however, it was only a gravel trail at this time. The trail runs parallel to the George Washington Memorial Parkway and the western bank of the Potomac River. This portion of the trail is very open and offers views of the river as well as Washington D.C. However, the 8 miles of the trail to the south of Alexandria offers a chance to take a nice hike or bike ride through the woods. Although you can not see the river from this portion of the trail, you can enjoy a slower-paced walk in the cool temperatures that accompany the woods. The last mile of your hike will consist of an uphill climb that has many curves bringing you back inland. Dr. Hoang from Nova Dental Center recommends hiking the trail for a great workout.

There are multiple trails that connect to the Mount Vernon Trail, therefore, you will certainly have ample opportunities to hike or bike for days. There are restrooms and fountains for your convenience in parks, as well as points of interest along the way. For instance, you may want to check out the home of George Washington in Mount Vernon where the trail ends. If you have been looking for an adventure, then the Mount Vernon Trail is a great start to get outdoors. Considering this path runs through several counties, as well as the city of Alexandria you will find necessities along the way. This allows you the chance to either pack a picnic or stops in the city for a quick bite to eat on your outdoor excursion. 

If you opt to bike this path instead of a hike, then you can easily plan a one-way trip. However, you will need a reservation to ensure you have a spot on the Potomac Riverboat because seating is limited. It is only available seasonally, so make sure you check availability before you plan on taking a one-way bike trip on the Mount Vernon Trail. If you have been looking for a great outdoor adventure, then make your way to the Theodore Roosevelt Island near Rosslyn Virginia. This is where you will start your journey, and make sure you do not miss any of the points of interest along the way.

With so much to offer in reference to outdoor fun and exploration, there really is no reason to stay indoors yet another day. Instead, take your family on a hiking or biking adventure that will leave your whole family with everlasting memories. There truly is no better way to bond, destress, and simply enjoy nature than to enjoy the great outdoors as a family. If you’re here in Virginia on vacation, the Lee District is also another beautiful destination.