Fishing At Burke Lake

When your family is talking about vacation and planning, eventually it’s time to go. You have to pack, pack the car, do necessaries needed for your trip to be successful. Some people like to visit mountains or a foreign place, or just take a nice vacation at the lake and relax and fish. If your family is looking for relaxation, lake, and fishing…. look no further. Come see us in Springfield Virginia and enjoy the lake and fishing at Burke Lake. Fun, sun, relaxation, lake, and fishing for the whole family. The staff from Nova Dental Center love fishing here.

Burke Lake is a 218-acre lake surrounded by a 650-acre park, in Fairfax County in Springfield Virginia. We are well known for our breathtaking lake. Many families come from near and far to visit. Our Burke Lake is well known for fishing. Burke Lake is home to numerous different species of fish. Our lake is known for largemouth bass, muskellunge, walleye, channel catfish, yellow perch, bluegill, white perch and black crappie that is stocked annually. Our lake is fertilized annually to stimulate the aquatic food chain. Our lake offers no swimming or recreational vehicles. Kayaks can be used only for fishing purposes and must be approved by the Burke Lake facilitator. To visit and fish at Burke Lake an access permit is required. Unless you can provide a valid Virginia hunting and fishing license. Come visit us in Springfield Virginia, and enjoy our beautiful Burke lake. Let fishing be good for your mind, body, and soul, and overall great for your health. Come relax and enjoy pure meditation from mother nature. Let the humidified clean crisp air hit you in the face, while you’re enjoying fishing. Let the breeze hit you in the face and breeze through your hair. Listen to the sound of the water and waves all while your fishing. If you love fishing here, then you will also love hiking at the Mt Vernon Trail.

Bring all your family, and friends, there are so many different things to do at Burke Lake. Remember when you pack for your vacation, never forget to pack your fishing pole and fishing gear and tackle. A fishing pole is all that is needed when you visit Burke Lake. Enjoy miles of nothing but the lake. Remember to tell all of your family and friends to come to visit us at Burke Lake in Springfield Virginia. Drive safe, and see you when you get here. Your one-stop fishing paradise.