It’s always difficult to choose a place to vacation. Many people desire to go to a different country. However, that can get quite expensive.

A good way to vacation is to actually explore right here in the U.S. There are so many great places to visit.

Do you love getting on the water and wanting to share quality time with your children? Then why not take a trip to Lake Accotink Park in Springfield, Virginia.

What to do?
There are so many great activities that you can do in the park. Fishing, kayaking, canoeing and more are available to enjoy.

The lake does have some limitations. Gas-powered boats, jet skies and such are prohibited from being on the lake. This helps to protect the environment.

You are allowed to use electric-powered boats and sailboats that are under 15 feet in length. Let’s face it being able to enjoy the quiet as you sail across the vast waters of the lake can be quite relaxing. There is a small fee if you bring your own boat the cost is $5.

Don’t have your own equipment? That’s okay, you can rent what you need to play on the water with your family. It is a good idea to check the site at Look up Marina and Bike Rentals.

The lake also has events that you can join, getting into a group to go canoeing or kayaking, exploring the different areas around the lake. Which is massive, over 400 acres to explore.

Interested in fishing, be sure to have a fishing license for the state of Virginia, representatives of the park may ask to see your license. They will explain about limitations that they have for fishing. Another great fishing spot is Burke Lake, just around the corner.

Unfortunately, swimming and paddleboarding are also prohibited. But, there are other activities that you can do.

Why not visit one of the biking trails. There are many trails to explore and bounce around on your bike. You get the opportunity to see many animals wandering around the area as well as seeing all the different flora as well.

Don’t have a bike? That’s alright, you can rent a bike for $10 per hour. If you are renting more than one bike it is an additional %5 fee. Not bad for a day of exploration with the kids.

Lake Accotink Park is a place to really get away from the crazy techno world that we all live in.

It is a great place to also show your children how many parks are now finding ways to protect the environment. Through the options they are providing with no gas-powered boats, using equipment that is self-powered, it makes a huge difference in nature. Here’s a little secret, not many realize it, but its a great way to get some awesome exercise and work those muscles that have been lazy for a while.